12 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death For Mutiny Kept In Underground Cell In Lagos About To Die – Falana

12 nigerians soldiers kept underground cell

Sunday May 17, 2015 – 12 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death For Mutiny Starving, About To Die Of Hunger Inside Lagos Underground Military Cell – Falana

Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death For Mutiny Kept In Underground Military Cell In Lagos About To Die Of Starvation & Hunger – Falana

Popular Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana yesterday said that the twelve soldiers condemned to death for refusing to fight Boko Haram last year September are about about to die inside the underground cell they’re being kept in Lagos State.

In an exclusive chat with Sahara, Falana said the military has denied them right to appeal their convictions.

He said the convicts last ate food more than 7 days ago.

In his words;

 “I am in touch with them (the soldiers) and I am taking up their basic complaints, which is that they are currently being starved and dehumanised by the military authorities that are supposed to have taken them to the jailhouse, having convicted them. But they are being kept in an underground cell somewhere in Lagos.

“Under the Armed Forces Act, soldiers who are convicted and sentenced by the court martial are entitled to appeal to the Court of Appeal after the authorities might have confirmed the sentences. In this particular instance, these 12 soldiers are among 66 that have been convicted and sentenced to death.

“The Chief of Army Staff ought to have confirmed the sentences since November (2015) in the case of the 12. And in the case of the 54 others, it should have been February, since they were convicted in December (2014). In other words, confirmation or review should take place less than two months after conviction.”

“The soldiers did not commit mutiny. They were asking for weapons to fight Boko Haram and Section 217 of the Nigerian Constitution says the government of Nigeria shall equip them adequately. In this case, the government failed in its responsibility to equip the army and simply asked these boys to commit suicide,”.

Why is the Command in chief himself, Goodluck Jonathan refusing to intervene in this matter.

The Boko Haram allies inside the military are seeking to kill these brave heroes because they have seen their secrets.

God please watch over them.