44 Nigerians & Ghanaians Travelling To Libya Die Of Dehydration In Sahara Desert

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June 1st, 2017 – 44 Nigerians & Ghanaians Travelling To Libya Found Dead In Sahara Desert After Their Truck Breakdown

African migrants from Ghana and Nigeria were found dead in the Sahara desert earlier this week after the vehicle taking them to Libya broke down in the Northern part of Niger.

According the Red Cross, 3 babies and 2 children were among those who died of dehydration as only six people survived.

The mayor of a remote town on the edge of Sahara desert said the dreaded desert has become a smuggling capital of Africa where many souls have perished on their way to finding greener pastures.

A team of experts have been dispatched to the area to gather more information on what led to their untimely death after survivors walked to Agadez town to report the incident.