5 New Nigerians Infected With Ebola Virus; Lagos Nurse Dies After Exposure To Patrick Sawyer

ebola kill nigerian nurse

August 6, 2014 – Nigerian Nurse Who Treated Liberian Ebola Victim Has Died

Another 5 Nigerian Contract Ebola Virus; Lagos Nurse Dies After Exposure To Late Liberian Patrick Sawyer

It is official the death toll of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria has hit two.

This came eleven days after the death of a Liberian health official who came to Nigeria last month.

FG today said that five other people have contracted the deadly virus.

“Nigeria has now recorded 7 confirmed cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVB)” health minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said.

“All the Nigerians diagnosed with EBV were primary contacts” of Patrick Sawyer, who worked for Liberia’s finance ministry and contracted the virus from his sister, Chukwu said.

Despite his health condition, Patrick Sawyer who contracted the disease from his sister travelled to Nigeria for a meeting of west African health officials.

May the souls of all the victims rest in perfect peace.