534 Nigerian Criminals In British Jail Set For Deportation

nigerian criminals british jail

Oct 15, 2013 – 534 Nigerian Criminals In British Jail Set For Deportation

Over 500 Nigerian prisoners will be sent home to serve out prison sentences under a deal set to be struck by ministers within weeks. Talks are continuing into reaching a compulsory prisoner transfer agreement, which could see more than half of the 500 criminals from Nigeria currently in UK jails repatriated. According to information made available to MailOnline, Justice Minister Mr Wright said:

 ‘I am clear that more foreign prisoners must serve their sentences in their own countries. That is why we are currently working with the Nigerian Government on a compulsory prisoner transfer agreement to increase the number of prisoners who are transferred.

‘Legislation allowing Nigeria to enter such an arrangement was passed earlier this year by the Nigerian Parliament. We are now working with them on the text of a final agreement.’

Latest figures show there were 534 Nigerian nationals in British jails, 485 men and 49 women. Nigerians account for one in 20 of all foreign prisoners, putting the country fifth in the league table of nations whose citizens have been jailed in the UK. It costs an average of around £40,000 a year to keep inside.

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