Absurd: Son Impregnates Mother In Abuja!

Oct 19 ,2011 –  Son Impregnates Mother In Abuja!

Very absurd and often unimaginable things of the most unbelievable nature will never cease to happen in this world.

What even makes most of these unspeakable things more worrisome is that they happen with wreckless abandon by their perpetrators. This new one borders on incest. The latest one of these bizarre happenings also borders on infidelity and immorality of the highest order. It’s about how a boy put his mother in the family way. This scandalous and very abominable act took place in the Federal Capital City of Abuja, and is already causing ripples in the family and workplace of the shameless woman.

The story allegedly has it that the 25 year-old son purportedly impregnated his mother who is a staff of Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA. The rather incredible story, whish is curious but true, was actually the altercation between mother and son in the Gwagawalada area of the FCT, Abuja, but the issue became more magnified when the news filtered out that the boy, a 200- level student of the University of Abuja may soon become a father to a child to be born to him by his biological mother, because as you are reading this, the pregnancy has reached maturation stage, ready for delivery.

That the woman got pregnant for her son is bad enough, but their reasons for the incestuous act will stun anyone reading this piece for the first time. Both shameless people actually admitted guilty for indulging in the despicable act with the following statement: “we have been in this since 2007, and we have both been enjoying the game without even thinking of the immoral implication. From that time till now, until the burble burst, I was severally enjoying my mum sexually, who obviously tricked me into it because of her insatiable thirst for sex, not knowing that one day the lid will be blown by the pregnancy”, said the son in shame and remorse. But for the shameless mother, who even after admitting guilty of the undignifying act went on make the case worse by saying albeit disgracefully, “yes, we did it, but it was only once and that was when I was drunk, apparently not in senses.

It must have happened between the two of us when I was feeling honey owing to my state of tipsiness, and that I confessed was the one and only time we did it contrary to what my son said that we started doing it since 2007; until I found out to my dismay that I had taken in, for my son for that matter”. It therefore beats one’s imagination how a woman in her right senses could get so drunk and become so senseless to the point of having sexual intercourse with her son, even if it was for once, just as the son insisted that the act of sexual copulation had been going on for years. One does not know who is telling the truth out of the two, but one thing is clear, that the shameful act actually took place, resulting in a pregnancy.

Another angle to be deduced from this damnable display of looseness and sinfulness is the true state of their sanity, which should really be ascertained by a psychiatric doctor before one can draw any meaningful conclusion. Yet another angle to this ugly matter is the real marital status of this woman , since the boy must definitely have a father; except that the father was dead, or the woman was divorced and was committing the illicit act as a single mother. Anyway, all these are left for them to bear now as the deed has already been done, because as at the time of filing in this report, the heavily pregnant woman has already put to bed a bouncing baby, the sex of which we could not immediately be ascertained by our very reliable source. The fact now remains that the poor newly born baby will be sired by a man born through his very own mother, and thus by extension, the biological parents of the innocent baby are mother and child (the son). That is how far and very sad things have degenerated in the society, and who knows, another one may be going on between mother and son, or father and daughter (sodomy) as it were in other climes -Ope Somefun