Accidental Discharge: Police Orderly Shoots Self At MMIA Airport Ikeja Lagos

Police Orderly Shoots

July 9, 2016 – Accidental Discharge: Chaos As Police Officer Shoots Himself At MMIA Airport Ikeja Lagos

2 people were injured yesterday at the General Aviation Terminal of MMIA in Ikeja Lagos when a police orderly trying to remove the magazine of his gun accidental shoots himself and a woman.

The police orderly attached to a Senator who was to travel on Arik Air wanted to lodge his gun, which is a standard practice on air travel, but the gun released a bullet that splinted and hit both the man and the woman on the leg as he bent down to pull the magazine out of the gun.

The two were taken to the hospital within the airport. They both walked into the hospital unaided, which indicated that their injury was not severe.