Angela Okorie Shares Husband’s Pictures

angela okorie husband picture

May 6, 2014 – Angela Okorie Shares Husband’s Photos

Less than a week after an adultery scandal that started with a complete stranger in South Africa, Nollywood actress Angela Okorie Orizu has shared the cute face of her younger husband.

She captioned the pics “Baby mm”.

Angela Okorie’s spokesperson, Okechukwu Ifeanyi has also voiced opposition to the alleged adultery/theft scandal by Prince Ekeh and his friend, Prosper.

“They are all lying, you know men can say anything when they want to tarnish ones image” – He said

Below is a picture from her welcome home party when she arrived Nigeria from South Africa recently.

Mr Orizu looks a bit intimidated beside his star wife…..Hmmmm ##tough madam