Robbers Attack Ali Nuhu, Nollywood Actor Robbed, Car Snatched On Kano Kaduna Expressway

ali nuhu robbed robbers

Feb 6, 2015 – Armed Robbers Attack Ali Nuhu, Hausa Actor Robbed, Car Snatched On Kano Kaduna Expressway

Most popular Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu was robbed last week by some suspected armed robbers on Kaduna/Kano expressway while heading to Abuja around 8pm for MTN sponsored Kannywood Awards.

The actor said the gunmen snatched his Honda cross tour and dispossessed him of his money and phones.

In an exclusive chat with BON, Ali Nuhu said one of the robbers who recognised him wanted him freed but the leader of the robbery gang insisted that his boys must rob him before letting him go.

The actor escaped the attack with no injury.