Baba Suwe is Using Charms Declares NDLEA

BABA SUWE IS USING VOODOO CLAIMS N.D.L.E.A Baba Suwe continues to be an object of ridicule since his public arrest for alleged drug trafficking

UPDATE: Court Orders NDLEA to release Baba Suwe on Friday

Oct 28, 2011 – NDLEA claimed that detained actor, Babatunde Omidina alias Baba Suwe is certainly using charms (voodoo). The famous Yoruba comedian and actor has excreted 3 times with no traces of cocaine found in his faeces on those instances.The NDLEA often claims that their anti-drug scanning machine at the airport which screened-in Baba Suwe detected quite a few hard drugs in his tummy.

A week ago, a Lagos high gave the N.D.L.E.A the permission to detain Baba Suwe  for Fifteen more nights. This order was granted following the new CT scan conducted which  revealed that certainly there are drugs logged in his stomach.

While speaking to the press, a NDLEA official said: “There was no doubt about it. He was carrying drugs but we know he is powerful spiritually. The drugs may have disappeared through juju. The machine actually detected drugs in his system” 

In Baba suwe’s defence, an actress Sade Oloriebi, asked: “If indeed he has hard drugs in his body, wouldn’t he have died since?”  Baba suwe’s lawyer said they will be slapping a N100 million law suit on the NDLEA after the actor is released. Baba Suwe was arrested on his way to France at the Murtala Mohammed Airport.

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