Banker Dupes Emir Of Kano: Woman Steals N17M From Bayero’s Bank Account

banker duped emir kano

March 16, 2014 – Banker Duped Emir Of Kano: Lady Steals N17Million From Alhaji Ado Bayero’s Bank Account

A lady identified as Aminat Magaji, a staff of an old generation financial institution in Kano is currently in EFCC net for allegedly duping Alhaji Bayero, The Emir of Kano.

The lady in question used forged signature to fraudulently withdraw 17million from the Emir‘s account.

Sources claimed the Emir first opened the bank account back in year 1967 but didn’t used it and the money multiplied over the years to 46 million naira.

Amina Magaji, a top official at the undisclosed bank cunningly requested a cheque book on behalf of the Emir and started operating the account to remove it from dormancy.

She allegedly withdrew monies totaling 17 million naira from Bayero’s account.

Amina’s boss caught her when he noticed the Emir’s signature was forged.

He called EFCC and Aminat was immediately arrested.

The bank in question has removed the stolen money from Amina’s bank account and she is currently cooling off in EFCC detention.