Bianca Ojukwu Not Remarrying Bcos Of Children, Says Her Time On Earth Is Limited

bianca ojukwu remarry

Nov 23, 2014 – Bianca Ojukwu Says She’ll Not Remarry, Plans To Concentrate On Raising Her Children

Bianca Ojukwu Not Remarrying Because Of Children, Says Her Time On Earth Is Limited

The widow of ex-Biafran leader, Ojukwu and the current Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain, Bianca has spoken up against her rumoured marriage plan.

In an exclusive chat with Vanguard, Bianca reveals why she is not ready to remarry.

Given that you are still very young, beautiful and as the famed American poet-Robert Frost said, you still have a long road to travel. Do you plan to remarry?

People marry I think not just because they need to come together, live together, raise family together, it is a rite of passage and I think I have fulfilled my part. Why I said that, is, I have gone through marriage, lived with what I consider a wonderful man who gave me 23 years of happiness, of fulfillment, I literally felt I was the luckiest woman to have had a man who gave me utter dedication and, above all, wonderful children.

So my pledge to him is that I will devote my life to taking care of our children, raising them properly, teaching them those ideals that he cherished and held very dear and trying to carry on his legacy. So I don’t have any compelling need to remarry and, in any case, my time is very limited; so I am trying to channel it properly towards raising my children.