Bianka Johnson Calls Stella Oduah A Greedy Woman Over N255M BMW Scam

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Nov 30, 2013 – Bianka Johnson Calls Stella Oduah A Greedy Woman Over N255 Million BMW Scam

US-based Nigerian film producer Bianka Johnson popularly called African Duchess who hails from the same state (Anambra) as Nigeria’s Aviation minister Stella Oduah has spoken on her corruption scandal.

In a twitter rant few hours ago, Bianka called Stella Oduah a greedy woman over her N255 million Bullet proof BMW scam.

Check out her tweets:

@stellaoduah. I am a woman just like you, from Anambra state as well as based in the US. I will never be as greedy as you dearest.
@stellaoduah. Yet 2 see anyone buried with all their worldly acquisitions. Once we take our last breath., 6 feet under tight arse coffin.

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Na true talk ooooo. Nobody can take their earthly possessions to heaven.

Stella Oduah hails from Akili-Ozizor in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State.