Bishop Wale Oke Commends Buhari, Says He Is A Tireless Fighter

Tuesday April 14, 2015 – Bishop Wale Oke Commends Buhari, Says He Is A Tireless Fighter

Bishop Wale Oke, the presiding Bishop of Sword of the Spirit Ministries and Christ Life Church, Ibadan commends Presiden-elect Buhari for his passion for Nigeria.

This is what Bishop Wale Oke said about Buhari at his church in Ibadan recently.

“Firstly I must commend the president-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari for being such a rugged and tireless fighter. On three different occasions, he was defeated and never gave up. I think that is quiet commendable. He never gave up because of the passion he has for his father land and this is the result we are seeing today. On assuming office, he should move faster to father the nation. Nigeria needs a man who can bear her burden. He should carry everybody along,”.

“I want to assure the president-elect that the Christian body has never been against his ambition and will never. We have been praying for him and we will continue to pray for him that God should uphold and give him wisdom on how to govern this nation,” Oke said.

He appealed to Gen. Buhari to see the fight against corruption as his first priority.