Boca Raton Florida Nurse Shark Attack Photos: Swimmer Bitten By Angry Fish Lands In Hospital

nurse shark attack woman florida

May 16, 2016 – Boca Raton Florida Beach Nurse Shark Attack Pictures: Swimmer Bitten By Angry Fish Lands In Hospital

A 23-year-old lady suffered serious attack while swimming at a beach in Boca Raton city Florida yesterday.

The unidentified victim was rushed to the hospital after a 2-foot nurse shark clamped down on her arm and wouldn’t let go yesterday afternoon.

According WPBF TV, the victim was rescued by a bystander who killed the shark before rescuers arrived.

A shark expert who witnessed what happened said:

“I’m 99 percent sure that the person grabbed on its tail, and because the shark is only that big, it turned around and bit her right on the arm. Nurse sharks want nothing to do with people unless provoked”

See photos from the bizarre shark attack below