Boko Haram: 2 Bomb Blasts Hit Kano

boko haram attack in kano on Thursday

May 17, 2012 – Boko Haram: 2 Bomb Blasts Hit Kano

These Boko animals don come again o. learnt 2 major bomb explosions hit 2 seperate primary schools in Jayin and Hotoro Arewa in Kumbotso and Nasarawa local government areas respectively in Kano municipal.

Eyewitness Account of Kano Bomb Blast

According to eyewitness, the attackers who came on a motorbike ordered watchmen at both schools out of the premises before attacking the schools.

The source further explained that the attack triggered pandemonium and forced night life to a halt as residents scampered to safety.

When will these Boko Haramists stop.

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