Boko Haram Attacks 2 Villages In Borno, Kills Over 21

boko haram attack borno

Feb 14, 2015 – Boko Haram Attacks 2 Villages In Borno, Kills Over 21

Boko Haram terrorists have renewed attacks on villagers in Borno despite the Nigerian Federal Government’s promise to overcome them.

The terrrorists attacked Mbuta and Alkideow villages lo­cated at the central part of Borno in the early morning hours of Thursday, killing over 21.

A military source said the insurgents rode to the villages on motorcycles and fired several shots into peoples’ houses to announce their presence. “They started shooting at fleeing residents after set­ting houses ablaze at Mbuta and later proceeded to the nearest village of Alkideow to wreak more havoc,” the source said. The villages are in Mafa Local Govern­ment, one of the 12 coun­cils under Boko Haram

A youth vigilante mem­ber, Ali Mustapha told Sat­urday Sun the insurgents were over a dozen accord­ing to account by villagers, adding that they invaded the two communities at 4.30am on Thursday and “con­tinued the attack till day break.” He said the military was not alerted in time as the insurgents succeeded in killing many people.