Boko Haram Female Suicide Bombers Now Using Babies To Carry Out Attack

boko haram using babies attack

January 24, 2017 – Beware! Boko Haram Terrorists Now Using Babies To Carry Out Suicide Bombing Attacks

The military has sent out a warning message to all civilians as Boko Haram insurgents have stepped up their game.

The most dangerous trend never been seen before is that of female suicide bombers using babies to carry out attacks.

On January 13 2017, two women with babies strapped on their back detonated their explosives killing them, the two innocent babies and four other individuals in Madagali town.

The female terrorists reportedly passed a vigilante checkpoint without being detected. They were mistaken for civilians because they carried babies.

Officials said the use of babies could signal a “dangerous” trend that may be hard to curb.