“Boko Haram Is Funded Through CBN, Political Sponsors In Nigeria Pay Arms Supplier In Cairo Egypt” – Negotiator

boko haram funded by cbn

August 30, 2014 – “Boko Haram Is Funded Legally Through CBN Central Bank Of Nigeria, Political Sponsors In Nigeria Send Money To Arms Supplier In Cairo Egypt” – Negotiator

This issue of Boko Haram and their sponsors in Nigeria is becoming clearer day by day.

In a recent interview with TheCable, the negotiator President Jonathan hires from Australia, Stephen Davis has opened up on why Nigeria may never win the war against Boko Haram until their sponsors in CBN and the political sector are first dealt with.

Davis says America couldn’t help Nigeria trace the sources of the funds being sent to Boko Haram because their political sponsors are using Central Bank of Nigeria to legally fund the sect.

The negotiator said the supplier of Boko Haram’s arms and uniforms currently lives in Cairo Egypt and that he’s being paid legitimately through the Central Bank Of Nigeria by the political sponsors in Nigeria.

On how the sect is funded, the Australian negotiator said:

“it is done through a legal channel, through the gatekeeper, the CBN, and that makes it very easy to cover up.”

“One of the biggest of suppliers of arms and military uniforms to the JAS (Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, better known as Boko Haram) currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. He is the recipient of money sent by political sponsors from Nigeria. The funds go through the CBN’s financial system and appear to be a legal transaction.

Davis said during his negotiation with the sect, top Boko Haram Commanders told him a senior official at the Central Bank of Nigeria who currently works in the currency exchange division was the one handling all the transactions.

He further said that the CBN officials in charge of funding Boko Haram is an uncle to 3 Boko Haram terrorists who carried out a deadly suicide bombing in Nyanya area of Abuja few months ago.

Davis said the 3 boys arrested by SSS in connection with Nyanya bombing are yet to be charged and that they lived with their uncle, a top Boko Haram ally who works in Central Bank of Nigeria.

The negotiator also said another Senior official of the Central Bank of Nigeria who recently left the bank is a close friend of Nyanya mastermind, Sodiq Aminu Ogwuche who went to school in Sudan.

In conclusion, Davis said Ogwuche’s wife used to visit the CBN official in his office at the bank’s headquarter in Abuja before the Nyanya bombings that killed over 75 innocent Nigerians.

On why he exposed the sect and their sponsors in Nigeria, Davis said: “I have three daughters. I just cannot stand the thought of what those girls are passing through. I have spoken to an escapee who described how she was being raped for 40 days by militants. I can’t stand it. It is heart-breaking. Nigerian authorities must act decisively now.’

This is why Nigeria is not winning the war against Boko Haram. Imagine a country that has helped neighboring countries with peacekeeping operations during intense war battling to conquer a common enemy.

Nigerian army can’t fire a common rocket to dismantle Boko Haram in their camps, instead Cameroon is doing it for us. Our army officers are running over to Cameroon for safety because they’re being set up by top Boko Haram sponsors in the military who inform the sect of their movements.

Can you see that the people aiding terrorism in Nigeria are in every sector of this country. They are in the CBN, the military and above all in Aso Rock.

May God help Nigeria.