Boko Haram: Kumuyi Calls For Dialogue

pastor kumuyi

Sept 6, 2012 – Boko Haram: Kumuyi Calls For Dialogue

Highly respected man of God and the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F Kumuyi has called for dialogue to settle the ongoing insecurity challenge in

Kumuyi said all Nigeria’s problem requires is dialogue.

The man of peace sent the message across after the Faith Revival Conference organized by the N/Central Zone of Deeper Life Church.

Here is what he said:

Now in a whole country, we know that the problems are there. How do we solve the problems? Nobody just rises up to say he wants to destroy property and lives. There must be something that is the grievances of the people and then if there is an attack somewhere why the attack?

“It is when we begin to talk that we will know why the attack and where it is coming from, and it is then we might see that we are fighting over nothing and if at all we are fighting on something we may then realise that this approach is not going to give us what we are fighting for.”

Boko Haram sect has carried out major deadly attacks on Deeper Life Churches in Yobe and other part of the country in the past months.