Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Attack Kano: Multiple Bomb Blasts Killed Two

suicide bombers attacked kano

March 24, 2013 – Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Attacked Kano: Multiple Bomb Blasts Killed Two

On Saturday some suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers hit the city of Kano killing two people.

The first suicide bomb blast took place on Saturday morning at Hotoro area very close to the NNPC Mega station in Kano city.

The second suicide bomb explosion happened at a military check point when a suicide bomber forced his way through a stop and search point

The military patrol team subsequently pursued the car and later engaged the occupants in an exchange of gun fire.

According to an eyewitness “the car which was loaded with explosives detonated as a result of the heavy gunfire from the JTF”.

The second explosion occurred at Tishama neighbourhood along the Eastern Bye-Pass Road. These is still sporadic gunshots going on, as JTF re-enforcement is surrounding the affected areas.

Two people were reportedly killed in Kano suicide bomb attack on Saturday.