Boko Haram’s Command & Control Center Dismantled By JTF, Dangerous Ammunition Recovered

boko haram command center

Sept 18, 2012 – Boko Haram’s Command & Operational Base Dismantled By Joint Task Force, Dangerous Ammunition Recovered

On Tuesday 18th of Sept, 2012, The Joint Task Force(JTF) gave a serious blow to the operational capability of Boko Haram terrorist sect after a successful raid on their command and control center (operational base) in Kano State, Nigeria.

WeaponS Recovered From Boko Haram’s Operational Base in Kano

Below are some weapons recovered from Boko Haram’s Operational Base in Kano today:

  • Two AK 47 rifles
  • Two Pump Action Rifles
  • One Berretta Rifle
  • One Smoke Discharger
  • 433 rounds of 7.62 Nato ammunition
  • 80 rounds of 7.62 special ammunition
  • 2 AK 47 magazines
  • 36 Prepared IEDs
  • 13 Laptops
  • Two motorcycles
  • Four Printers
  • One photocopier
  • One 33 slots Zenith Disc writer
  • One TG 3900Ez Generator set
  • Religious Books
  • large quantity of CD plates
  • Two decoders
  • Two Satellite dish
  • One 21” Television set
  • One DVD player
  • 2 Bags of Urea fertilizer
  • One Elite dry cell 12v battery
  • One blue gate UPS
  • One stabilizer
  • 10 Hand held Motorola radios
  • 5 Battery chargers

The Joint Task Force is using this medium to appeal to the general public to continue their daily activities without any fear of attacks.