#BuhariWins: Open Letter To Nigeria’s New President Buhari From Association Of PDP Supporters

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March 31, 2015 – #BuhariWins: Open Letter To Nigeria’s New President Buhari From Association Of PDP Supporters

Dear Buhari,

We the association of PDP supporters are writing to apologize for all the wrongs we have meted prior to this elections and during the elections. We were unaware how ill equipped our party was to win this elections. We thought your party was a fluke and that you were just a pretender. Now we know you are the real deal. Baba we tuale.

Now that you have won, please remember we are still your children. We never meant to hurt you. We were doing what we did because we had to survive. Already, we are jumping on the APC band wagon for the governorship elections. Now we know indeed that the umbrella had torn a long time ago. We rigged and rigged but you stood out.

Baba, we are happy for you. May you live beyond the next two years. You know we have being witch hunting you with prayers for you to fall sick. Well, you have being strong and we pray you stay strong for us your new supporters.

Just to remind you baba the reason why our jonathan lost. Jonathan did all the right things but you kept your word to keep Nigeria ******. You have succeeded and you were strong enough to fight to finish.

Now the cabal has shifted, they moved over to your side like we are moving now. Jonathan too has kept his word to allow credibility in our elections. That man is sure a man but you are the real man.

All the things you promised us, are you sure you can deliver? Mmh. Your failure will be the source of your downfall. We are just advising. You’ve promised our youths 2 million jobs before next year and you claim electricity will be plentiful before two years.

We are backing you baba to bring this to reality. Our fear again is the cabal, the group that ensured Jonathan’s good thoughts never manifested. Now that they are on your side, get rid of them this early before they become a nuisance

We will not fight; we have accepted Jega’s result. We want you to try your luck, let’s see you perform magic.
How you even managed to break through against all those prophesies is still a wonder. Your own god must be from Japan. Indian gods have become too familiar with Nigeria, they could not work for our former boss Jonathan.

All those prophets who said you would lose will by now be shutting their mouths. Well, you had the largest coalition of pastors praying for you while Jonathan had the largest coalition of money hungry pastors.

Oga next president, carry go. With this rains that have begun, we will miss the umbrella though. But we’ve decided anyway to pick up brooms for now. Yes oh, it will be tough and we believe as you believe that brooms are good tools to sweep the water that results from the rains, we will therefore bear the rain with you and go through the difficult process of sweeping the water out.

Thank God you know Nigeria better than most of us. We are still young and do not have the experience of an aging former general. You know what we want and you have children and grand children who will live in the Nigeria you will try to recreate for us.

Jonathan is creating history as a democrat; you must create history as the man who fought corruption and epileptic power supply to a standstill. So you promised.

Don’t expect a second term baba. Everything you must do must be within this first four years. If you fail to keep your promise this first term, there may not be a second chance. All those who are backing you now will rise against you. The wind of change that has brought you in will push you out. That one is a promise from PDP.

Your first task will be to release those daughters of God from Bokoharam. Be tricky in dealing with Bokoharam because if the attack stops Nigerians will assume that you are actually the face behind it as rumours had always carried. We pray for you oh that a worse than Bokoharam that has being prophesied to rise by the end of this year will fail to disrupt your government.

Most Nigerians did not vote. The reason is because they felt there was no need voting as the gods already knew where the pendulum would swing to. The gods favored you. The gods wanted change.
You know every great leader welcomes all. Nigeria is for Nigerians. You must not in any way try to break the thin bonds that hold us together. Do all you can to keep this nation one. It is a must.

This broom you have vowed to use to sweep Nigeria we believe is a broom to sweep injustice, corruption and epileptic power supply. We know you can do away with Bokoharam. Off course you are a five-star general. Bokoharam is mince meat.

Women play a very important role as mothers in this nation. Yeah, some of them caused trouble for Jonathan but you need them anyway. Give up that your decision to do away with the office of the first lady. You need a strong wife to fight for you else you will be in soup. PDP will be plotting a strong attack once you step into office.

Ensure the freedom of speech and information on the internet that Uncle Jonathan allowed remains. If you try to kick against it, it will be your downfall. Remember you are where you are because of it.
Also ensure that INEC increasingly improves better than Jonathan is leaving it. If you try to move Nigeria backwards to protect your party, there will be problem. Nigerians want electronic voting in the next elections. That’s the way to go.

Baba, all the ba-bas are behind you- Osinbajo and Obasanjo. Remember who brought you to power “Tinubu”. Please don’t throw him away. Don’t make Jonathan’s mistake of doing away with Obasanjo. It has being a big mistake for the PDP but a great gain for you. As much as you can, do away with all that wrangling with governors. Play your game above board.

Just to let you know our mind. We are solidly behind you now. All those states you could not win in the presidential elections, your party will win the governorship elections there.

The states were waiting to see how far you’d go. Now that you have swept our party off the federal level, oya take over all the states.

We surrender all our machineries that we had developed and used against you.

Now we say baba, APC ALL THE WAY

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