Burkina Faso & Mafia Cult Clash: 2 ABSU Students Beheaded By Cultists

absu students beheadedThe victims

March 15, 2016 – Burkina Faso & Mafia Cult Clash: 2 Abia State University Students Beheaded By Cultists At Chidoo Hostel In Uturu Abia State

Some cultists on a reprisal mission murdered two students last Saturday at Abia State University in Uturu.

The attack which happened at CHIDOO male hostel took place around 9pm on Saturday.

It was allegedly that the murdered students (Nwigbo Chuwuebuka and Samuel Ethelbert) were members of the Mafia cult group who murdered the leader of Burkina Faso cult group, one Collins Agwu aka Biggy last week.

After his burial on Saturday night, his followers took to the hostel to fish out his killers.

The cultists came in as the victims prepared to cook dinner.

They saw a third student, who is believed to be a visitor, and cut him with machete before overpowering their targets and beheading them.

“After killing them, the murderers took their heads to the university football field and fixed them as goal posts.