Can You Attend Your Ex-Girlfriend, Boyfriend’s Wedding Ceremony?

attend my ex girlfriend boyfriend wedding

Nov 2nd, 2013 – Can You Attend Your Ex-Girlfriend, Boyfriend’s Wedding Ceremony?

One of the most difficult issues to deal with when it comes to heartbreaks or broken relationship is coping with those people we have dated in the past.

Whether we like it or not, a quick run down on the memory lane will bring them across our path one day.

To witness our former lover’s wedding ceremony can be very tough.

Let’s assume you were invited to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend‘s wedding event, can you stand seeing him or her married off to someone else?

Would you honour such invitation?

Here are some responses from’ official Facebook Page

“Nothing will delight me more than hearing my ex is getting married whether I get invited or not, he can stop being my problem for a start! – Helen
Sure I will attend without any wrong feelings! – Donald
Of cos i will,Its wonderful to see people i was involved with achieving in life…it means i did not make de wrong choice in life… – shaim
There is no big deal in it, all relationship must not end in marriage – Anita
It depend hw the two separated!! If it is peaceful, y nt!! Bt if it is hrt break is a liar, nobody will attend – Rita
Yea y wnt I go, evrytin woket 4 gud may b is not d right patner 4 u!  – Prince
Yes i can be dere,my ex-lovers attend my own marriage so there no big deal dere- Temitope
I will be dere,I will even give them gift since is my ex is no big deal- Omolara
Nortin bad,but i wl make sure dat i get another bab there,dat is if i’m not mary then..- Adeoti
No, not advisable. If anything goes wrong, God forbid, all accusing fingers will be pointing at the Ex.- Nasir”

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