Captain Mahama Killer Arrested: Ghanaian Woman Who Raised False Alarm That Led To Murder Of Soldier Caught

captain mahama killer arrested

June 3, 2017 – Captain Mahama Killer Arrested: Woman Who Raised False Alarm That Led To Brutal Murder Of Innocent Soldier In Ghana Caught Near Kumasi

The evil woman who allegedly raised a false alarm that led to the lynching of an innocent soldier in Ghana few days ago has been arrested.

The woman pictured here was said to have raised an alarm that caused residents to arrest Ghanaian soldier Captain Mahama after which he was burnt to death.

She fled shortly after the Jungle justice video went viral.

According a Facebook user Cale Boye, she has been arrested. She was caught in a remote village near Kumasi.

Others who participated in the evil act have been declared wanted.

This kind of crime against humanity is least expected from a woman…. Yet she’s the one caught on video setting fire on Mahama’s body..

This world is full of evil people.

May his gentle soul rest in peace and may God comfort his young wife and family.