Catholic Church Replies Mbaka: You’re Lucky We Didn’t Close Down Adoration Ministry

catholic close down adoration ministry

Feb 1st, 2016 – Catholic Church Replies Mbaka: You Are Lucky We Didn’t Close Down Adoration Ministry,You Have Broken Our Rules

Here is an official statement from Rev. Father  Ralph Madu on behalf of the Catholic church on Rev Father Ejike Mbaka’s transfer.

“His posting should have been a privilege, not a punishment – which the Bishop can do because he has the power. If he (Mbaka) says it’s a punishment, then it’s open for further investigation. Posting is a regular thing, a priest can be transferred after two, three, four, or more years, it depends on the discretion of the Bishop.

“That ministry (Adoration Ministry) is his private ministry, it does not belong to the church. Overseeing a parish is a full time job. Overseeing a ministry is a bigger task. If the church decides to take him somewhere where he’ll have more time to carry out his ministry, how is it punitive? That should not be the language.”

Mr. Madu said Mr. Mbaka had done things that were unacceptable to the church in the past but received no punishments for them.

“He is supposed to be a missionary. What if the Bishop had closed down the ministry‎, which is within his power to do? Sometimes, transfers can be for the good of the priest as something can be going wrong which he might not be aware of. The Bishop is free to move any priest at any time, it is his prerogative.”

Politics in the church…. End time signs.