Chadian Robbers Arrested Over Robbery At Omisore’s Ikoyi House “I Rob To Marry 2nd Wife” – Suspect

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July 26, 2014 – Chadian Robbers Arrested Over Robbery At Senator Omisore’s Ikoyi House “I Rob To Marry A Beautiful Wife” – Suspect

The suspected hired killers who recently attacked Senator Omisore’s Ikoyi home have been arrested.

The suspects said they are from Chad and that their intention for attacking the senator’s home was to rob and not to kill as earlier reported.

One of the suspects, 29-year-old Abdulahi narrated how they carried out the operation successfully.

Read his confession below:

How We Carry Out Robbery Operation At Omisore’s House – Chadian Robbers

“We never knew that the house belongs to a senator. We felt that it was one of those houses in Ikoyi that is rarely occupied.

“Initially, we hanged around Obalande till about 12 midnight. We later relocated to Ikoyi and hid beside flowers so that policemen on patrol will not spot us. We made use of the Iron cutter to cut the security wire and our leader, Saleh scaled the fence to study the environment.

“Minutes later, he gave us signal and the three of us scaled the fence and jumped into the compound. Luckily, the security men were fast asleep, so it was easy to overpower them and tie them up. Ahmed was asked to stay by the gate while the rest of us moved into the main building.

“Also, with the aid of the iron cutter, we were able to remove the protector and gained entrance. We only saw the housemaid in the house and she told us that she was alone in the house. We ransacked the house and took some valuables consisting of clothes, phones and some other gadgets.

“Instead of losing out completely, we took turns and raped the housegirl, before leaving the house. It was while we were on our way that policemen ambushed us. We managed to escape while Ahmed was shot at.”

I Participated In The Robbery In Order To Raise Money To Marry A Beautiful Wife – Suspect

“My mother called to inform me that she has found a beautiful girl who will become my second wife. I needed to raise some money to embark on the trip to Chad for the marriage. This was how Saleh convinced me to join their group. I have only accompanied him for about four times in Ikoyi to burgle houses. I have been saving seriously for the trip before I was arrested.”

“I came down to Nigeria with so many other Chadians to make a living. I was advised by my friends that there is no need to register and no one can differentiate us from people from Northern Nigeria.

“Initially, I was working as a security man in the Anthony area of Lagos, but lost my job when the company closed down. Musa, who is my cousin, allowed me to stay in his house while I searched for another job. I desperately needed money so that I will not lose that woman as my mother told me that so many men wanted her hand in marriage. ” – one of the suspects, Abdulahi said

So foreigners too have joined the group of armed robbers terrorizing Lagos residents….hmm Diaris Godu o.