Chaos As 3 Dancers, Strippers Poop On Stage At Florida Strip Club After Contracting Diarrhea

strippers poop on stage florida strip club

May 30, 2017 – Chaos As 3 Dancers, Strippers Defecate On Stage At  Jacksonville Florida Night Club After Contracting Diarrhea From Shrimps

An undisclosed night club has been closed down in Jacksonville Florida after 3 exotic dancers performing on different poles caught the stomach flu.

One of the dancers was said to have defecated openly on stage while others were brave enough to have ran to the washroom on Friday night.

According to witnesses, when the first dancer defecated on stage around 11pm, customers had to run off the stage as other dancers in high heels suddenly rushed to the washroom to defecate in sink.

Here is what one of the fun-seekers who witnessed the drama said:

The cause of the viral diarrhea is still under investigation.