Cheating Husband: Woman Narrates Painful Experience With An Unfaithful Spouse

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Feb 23, 2013 – Cheating Husband: Woman Narrates Painful Experience With A An Unfaithful Spouse

Hmmm my brothers and sisters
Living with a cheating spouse is one of the most heartbreaking experience onw can ever go through. I am in a 5 yr marriage with a man who sleeps with anyone or anything in skirts. In fact I suspect him with my neighbour’s wife and another of my neighbour’s wild daughter.He is also an alcoholic. I have contemplated leaving him so many times, but I keep praying for him to change. He doesn’t touch me for months in fact he moved to another room. He sleeps with prostitutes and strangers….I sometimes wonder if it were me who was irresponsible, of course he would have long divorced me and labeled me with the most un printable namenames. We have two children.

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