Chika Ike Joins Nollywood Actresses Flaunting Body On Instagram

chika ike

Jan 14, 2015 – Chika Ike Joins Nigerian Actresses Flaunting Body On Instagram

One-time Nollywood ‘good girl’ Chika Ike is beginning to let her shell go. She recently took to the streets in a black outfit exposing her ‘newly acquired’ flat belly.

The actress shared pictures of herself rocking a black tight fitted jeans with a half hugging top. She complimented her look with a black Hermes designer belt, pump heels and black sun glasses.

“Out and about! All black everything!!! Have a great day people,” Chika told fans this morning.

Her body-flaunting habit kicked off less than 2 months after her divorce.

Can she really walk in those shoes? Nah