Chinese Bride Who Slept With Boyfriend The Night Before Wedding Exposed As Ex Sent Video To Hubby

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June 9, 2017 – Chinese Woman Who Had Sex With Boyfriend The Night Before Her Wedding Disgraced As Ex-Boyfriend Sent Video To Husband @ Reception

A Chinese lady who thought she could have her cake and eat it got the shock of her life at the location of her wedding reception.

The unidentified bride reportedly slept with her former boyfriend a night to her wedding.

Though her wedding ceremony went well, her reception wasn’t that good after her ex-boyfriend who secretly recorded their sex tape sent the video to her husband just as they arrived at their reception hall.

When the groom came out of the car, people though he wanted to open the door for his new bride only for him to drag her out of the car in a rough manner.

The weeping bride was comforted by a vigilant woman who led her away as she cried bitterly.

Watch the video below: