Christian Gunmen Killed 17 Muslims, Fulanis In CAS

christian kill muslims cas

June 24, 2014 – Christian Gunmen Killed 17 Muslims, Fulani In Central African Republic

Some gunmen stormed a camp site in war-torn Central African Republic yesterday killing 17 people instantly.

According to peace keepers, “Seventeen people, all of them from the (Muslim) Fulani minority, were killed on Monday by young gunmen claiming to be from the (mostly Christian) anti-balaka” militia near the town of Bambari.

An officer from the African Union force told AFP of the killing on condition of anonymity, adding that “some of the bodies were mutilated and burnt by the assailants.”

Muslim Seleka rebel force has fired back at the Christian gunmen.

No casualties reported in the reprisal attacks carried out by Seleka rebel force.