Daddy Freeze Calls Ex-Wife, Children’ Mother A ‘Witch’

May 11, 2015 – Daddy Freeze Calls Ex-Wife, Children’ Mother A ‘Witch’

Check out what Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze said to his estranged wife on his birthday:

“The LORD’s goodness is awesome. His love conquers all. This birthday has been my best in over 15 years!!! The LORD has removed the monster that tormented me all this while. The cause of all my misery and affliction, the plague in my tent, the thorn in my flesh, the source of my torment that bedeviled me, taunted and teased me, yet was the force behind my ordeal. Thank you LORD for setting me free! ~FRZ”

The dude chopped the thing nonstop for 15 years now that he has found a young blood, his ex wife has suddenly become a monster…. Oga Freeze make u fear God ooo.

Even if you must curse her out, why not hold it for the sake of your children….SHIIIIIIH

E be like say Daddy Freeze don chop vegetable belle full.