D’banj A Church Of Satan Member: Truth Revealed

dbanj church of satan

August 22, 2012 – D’banj A Member Of Church Of Satan: Truth Revealed

Is D’banj a member of church of Satan is a very popular question we get from people in Nigeria and worldwide today.

To set the record straight the church of satan is an Illuminati-inspired church that is intended to carry out Satanic mission on earth.

Since it’s a secret society, there is no way to know if a particular person belongs to the church of satan.

Nigerian music star D’banj is a popular member of Illuminati secret society since Illuminati is tied to Church of Satan, D’banj is also a member of the Satanic church.

The main reason why it’s widely believed Dbanj is a church of satan member is because since the circulation of the news, the star hasn’t come open to debunk the rumour.

It’s a popular believe that once you’re a member of the satanic group, you can’t openly renounce your membership.

So in conclusion, D’banj is a member of the church of satan and Illuminati.

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