Death Conscious Prophet Sleeps Inside Coffin For 40 years

nigerian prophet who sleeps inside coffin The coffin he sleeps in.

June 1st, 2012 – Prophet Sleeps Inside Coffin For 40 years

This unbelievable routine has become a norm for Primate Samuel Olawale Kogberegbe, the founder of The Holy Michael Cherubim & Seraphim Church Of The Lord (Ori Oke Olorun Esan Cathedral) located on Ikotun Egbe Road, Egbe, Lagos State Nigeria. learnt the death conscious prophet sleeps inside the above custom-made coffin for 40 years now.

According to him, he sleeps inside the coffin to remind himself that life is vanity and he would die one day.

He plan to teach Nigerians to be death conscious and change their negative ways of living life.

He said “I believe that death is certain and I am going to end in that coffin,” while pointing to the coffin on the ground.

World of wonders!