Disgraced Nollywood Actress Ifeoma Okeke Tells Fans To Commit Suicide By Taking Rat Poison

nollywood actress fan commit suicide

June 5, 2017 – Disgraced Nigerian Actress Ifeoma Okeke Tells Her Fans To Commit Suicide By Taking Rat Poison

A one time popular Nollywood actress who gave up on marriage a while back after some men cheated, abused and dumped her has come after fans who called her out for claiming she’s 17 years old.

The actress who later told fans she was just being funny when she claimed she’s 17 then took to the social media to call out fans who insulted her.

She event went as far as telling them to go and commit suicide using ‘Otapiapia’.

See what some fans told her yesterday:

See her nasty response below:

As a public figure, this is not a nice thing to say to your fans.