Please Do Not Take NG’s Loyalty For Granted

do not take me for granted

April 1st, 2016 – Please Do Not Take NG’s Loyalty For Granted

We want to appreciate all loyal readers of this blog and especially those who are yet to receive a reward and yet coming in the spirit of oneness.

We also want to sound a serious warning  to some top commentators who have been sending insulting emails to the editors in the past 3 hours. This has to stop!

Our reward program was sponsored by some readers who advised us to start a loyalty program to encourage interaction but it seem some selfish individuals (sorry for our strong words) are taking it for granted.

When started several years ago, we pulled a strong fan base as it is evident on our official Facebook and Twitter page, we didn’t’ introduce a reward program and yet our GREAT PEOPLE are still becoming because of our interesting articles and the investigative nature of our contents.

Earlier this year, some readers overseas contacted us and offered to sponsor our reward program and that’s how we started the top 10 commentators thing.

And since then we noticed readers are coming together to share their mind, which promotes interaction.

At this point, we are pulling a plug on this loyalty program, we have contacted our sponsors and have appreciated them for their kind gestures.

We do not want to create any conflict among our readers and fans.

We do not wants readers to feel less appreciated, we want this platform to be free of conflict.

From now on, please let the comment be free and without force.

Starting from this month, readers and commentators alike will have access to reward but it will not be announced.

You will find this free gifts at the bottom of posts.

Also the top 10 commentators will still be honoured, if you look at the lower left hand side of the site (on the home page), you will see the list of top 10 commentators there.

We are sorry to pull a plug on this, we do not want to cause conflict of interest.

We appreciate both readers and commentators alike.

Thanks for being a fan and we promise to keep bringing you interesting, entertaining and timely news.

Shalom! Team