Doris Simeon & Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan: See The Family Stella Damasus Allegedly Broke Apart

doris simeon and ex husband daniel ademinoka

April 28, 2013 – Doris Simeon & Her Husband Daniel Ademinokan: See The Family Stella Damasus Allegedly Broke Apart

Talk of an innocent boy now left far from the care of a loving father and a one time beautiful family now scattered due to the desperation of a dear friend and movie colleague, Stella Damasus.

Pictured above is Nollywood actress Doris Simeon and her one time lovely husband Nigerian movie producer Daniel Ademinokan who once claims his wife, Doris is the best woman in the world.

Doris and Daniel got married few years back and the marriage produced a lovely son.

One thing led to the other, actress Stella Damasus came in subtly as a business partner and snatched Daniel Ademinokan away from his wife and son.

stella damasus daniel ademinokan

According to sources, when Daniel started shooting movies with Stella Damasus, he suddenly distanced himself from his lovely wife Doris and started finding faults in her.

Before you know it, the marital tension became so intense that the couple officially announced their separation.

Nollywood movie colleagues made moves to reconcile them but alas all their efforts became futile.

Stella Damasus who has now married twice has secretly married Daniel Ademinokan in February and they have since moved on.

Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus have several business investments together.

The lovers are currently on vacation in New York.