Doris Simeon: I’m Not Dating A Married Man, Wale Olaleye Has A Wife

doris simeon dating married man

April 10, 2016 – Doris Simeon Revisits Marriage Crash: I Never Cheated On My Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan

Doris Simeon: I’m Not Dating ThisDay Editor Wale Olaleye, He Is A Married Man

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On Her Rumoured Romance with Journalist Wale Olaleye

This Wale you are talking about just got married last August. So if he got married to me, people will know and it will be all over the Internet, everybody knows his wife now.

So who is Wale to you?

He is just a friend.

You never dated?

No comment on that. You see, one will always have a relationship with a guy and people will want to build a story around it and even if Wale and I dated and I moved to his house, that was before he got married.

So if they say all those things about me, I’m not moved because it’s a normal thing and I’m used to it.

Even if I’m walking on the street with another person I’m probably working with, people will still make out stories from it, so I’m not bothered.

That should be when they were rumouring that my husband left me because I was cheating on him and all that, it’s not really new to me. I just felt it’s one of those things they say, sometimes some will even say it as if they were there, but I’m not moved like I said earlier.

What about Stella?

I am not Stella’s friend, she and I don’t talk. We’ve never worked together before, so we are not friends, I don’t have any business with her.