Drama As Husband Demands Bride Price Refund From Wife’s Parents

July 23, 2013 – Drama In Sharia Court As Husband Demands Bride Price Refund From Wife’s Parents

A mild drama happened recently at a Sharia court named Magajin Gari on Ibadan St in Kaduna when a man named Zaiyanu Muhammad who paid 80,000 bride price to his in-laws demanded for the full refund of the money he paid before marrying his wife Saliha Abdulsalam.

In a court testimony, he said his wife left him 2 weeks after the marriage.

I married Saliha on January 13 but she came to my house on January 27.

But in spite of the N80,000 I gave her, she came to my house with nothing,” said Mohammed angrily.

Ziyanu Muhammad said he has no clue of Saliha’s whereabouts until they met on July 22nd at the court.

Since she is not interested in the marriage, she should return my bride price. I used every possible means to see her back in my house but to no avail.”

The run-away bride, Saliha has denied all the allegations. She said her husband told her he’s no longer interested in the marriage 2 days after marrying her.

“He asked me to leave his house, which I did and left for Giwa Local Government Area in Kaduna state and later to Abuja,” she said.

Saliha said she is ready to return to his house because of the love she has for him.

“I still love him.” Saliha said

The Khadi (judge), Ibrahim Mohammed, said they should go and settle their differences since Saliha had agreed to return to the complainant’s house.

The case has been adjourned till August 1st, 2013.

Wahala dey o….