Ekiti Lawmaker Hon. Afolabi Didn’t Die In Our Custody, SSS Shares Photos, Faults Fayose’s Claim

ekiti lawmaker afolabi dead dss

March 17, 2016 – Ekiti Lawmaker Hon, Akanni Afolabi Didn’t Die In Our Custody, DSS Shares Pictures, Faults Fayose’s Death Claim

The DSS has faulted Governor Ayo Fayose’s claim that a lawmaker has died in its custody.

Hon Akanni Afolabi was arrested last week for threatening the security of Nigeria and for refusing to honour their invitation.

Tony Opuyo, spokesperson for DSS dismissed the claims in a statement read out to journalists in Abuja that the lawmaker is not dead.

The DSS also displayed the lawmaker who looked very weak before journalists. The lawmaker confirmed to journalists that he is Honourable Afolabi.

hon afolabi struggling to walk

Chai!! the man no fit waka again…