Emeka Ike:” My Mother Sold Akara (Beans Cake) To Raise Me; I’m A Millionaire Today”

emeka ike mother sold akara

March 6, 2013 – Emeka Ike:” My Mother Sold Beans Cake (Akara) To Train Me; I’m A Millionaire Today”

Nigerian actor Emeka Ike in this latest interview On V-Channel revealed the never before told story of his life.

The Nollywood bad boy said his mother sold Akara (beans cake) to raise him. He further said you can become a millionaire by selling beans cake.

The self-professed millionaire said he is where he’s today by the dedication of his poor mother who spent all she has to raise her children among other issues.

Interview excerpt below:

“Some people think that I am a trouble maker. They think I am a bad boy in the movie industry. But that is not who I am. I hate injustice and I fight for the oppressed whenever I can.

I will give you an illustration. “One day, I was passing by Oshodi bridge when I saw a physically challenged person struggling with a policeman. I had to pull over immediately and confront the policeman, though he was armed. I succeeded in stopping the fight. This is the kind of thing I do.

I believe in hard work. I don’t date rich women for money. I believe that you can become a millionaire by selling akara. My mother sold akara to train me and I am a millionaire today.

We should be making more films in Igbo, Yoruba, Itsekiri, Efik and other Nigerian languages. I don’t like it when we speak English all the time and try to imitate the American accent.” Say Emeka Ike.

What a lovely mother!