Eritrea Battles Husband Scarcity, Government Orders Men To Marry Two Wives

eritrea men scarcity

January 26, 2016 – Shortage Of Men, Husbands: Nigerians Go Gaga As Eritrean Government Orders Men To Marry Two Wives 

Days after the government of Eritrea ordered men to marry more than one wife, Nigerians on the social media have turned it into a hot discussion.

Many Nigerians on Twitter have started tracing their roots to Eritrea to make jest of the new government policy.

In what has turned out to be an hilarious topic, Eritrea could actually benefit economically if Nigerians, Kenyans and men from other countries actually get on the flight to Eritrea.

Hear what Nigerians are saying on the new policy:

So what if their religion forbids polygamy??

This new policy might actually force some men to flee the country with their wives.