Ex-Convicts Pardon: Open Letter To President Jonathan

jonathan pardoned ex-convict

March 13, 2013 – Ex-Convicts Pardoned: Open Letter To President Jonathan

Dear Mr President,

I refer u 2 the headline of the newspaper dated 13th March 2013 which read outrage over presidential pardon for VIP ex-convicts, d most popular among them is CHIEF DIPREYE ALAMIEYESEIGHA who was convicted 4 money laundering, stealing public money while in office as governor, he was tried by a law court & found guilty as charged.

If this man comes 2-morrow (future) 2 contest election on d platform of PDP as a Senator & won, what is d moral justification 4 our Country & International community when we are waging war against CORRUPTION?

Mr. President think twice & deeply because it is a bad precedent 4 this nation.

The whole thing don ‘K LEG’, if u want 2 assist ur boss there is nothing bad in it but do a clean business.