Family Of Nigerian Killed By Ebola Virus In Liberia Tries To Remove Corpse From Anambra Mortuary

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Aug 2nd, 2014 – Police Foiled Attempt To Remove Corpse Of Nigerian Killed In Liberia By Ebola Virus From Anambra Mortuary

Family Of Nigerian Killed By Ebola Virus In Liberia Tries To Remove Corpse From Anambra Mortuary

An attempt by yet to be iden­tified man in the early hours of yesterday to re­move the controversial corpse brought from Liberia and deposited in a hospital mortuary in Nkwelle Ezunaka in Oyi local government of Anambra State was foiled by men of the state Police Command.

The said corpse was said to have been brought from Liberia last weekend and de­posited in the hospital mortu­ary triggering apprehension in the state following suspi­cion that the deadly Ebola might have caused of death of the man whose corpse was deposited.

The suspicion made the state government to immedi­ately on getting the informa­tion sealed off the hospital/mortuary and quarantined the workers and patients therein.

State government also in same proactive action invited Federal Ministry of Health whose experts from the Epi­demiology unit were said to have arrived Awka yesterday to carry out necessary tests on the corpse and the work­ers.

But Saturday Sun gathered that at about 6am yesterday a man came to the mortuary in a Ford Explorer SUV with a casket to remove the said corpse unknown to him that the police have taken over the place and he was held.

According to source close to the hospital the man gave the names of those who sent him to come and remove the corpse.

The source said, “When the police confronted him because his vehicle is not an ambulance, he said some people asked him to come and bring the corpse. He called some names of people whom he said sent him.

“He was asked to call the people on phone and he went out and came back and said that the people were not picking calls and he was held by the police for interroga­tion.”

Meanwhile, the state gov­ernment has evacuated the people at the hospital to a place where the test would be carried out.