Fan Tells Emeka Ike To Stop Begging Wife Over Divorce Case, Urges Chris Okotie To Help Unite Them

emeka ike divorce

Sept 4, 2015 – Fan Tells Emeka Ike To Stop Begging Wife Over Divorce Case, Urges Chris Okotie To Help Unite Them


I have been been reading about this Emeka Ike Problem for so long, I use his case to compare with my own case, I married a certain woman in my early thirty the marriage produced a girl, but along the way the marriage crashed, I did everything to see that the marriage keep going, i even knelt down to beg her in public, but she refused, I called good friends but to no avail, i was doing this because I hate divorce, I hate having children with different mothers as it is not a good way for a responsible man and moreover, the man ends up suffering at old age because every child will be taking care of his or her mother and will not have time for their father unless the man is fortunate to have one or two who will remember him as their mother will brain wash them.

After all my attempt, she filed divorce and as soon as I hear that she has done that, I knelt down and pray to God with tears to give me courage to forget about her and I believe God granted my request, after the prayers, I become so strong that after the divorce, I was so happy person and God give me another good Girl who gave me male children, after everything I latter find out that some one is outside pushing her against me, a close person for that matter, but latter she confess of it, she can not stand out and tell people that I did her any wrong,

Emeka Ike, stop begging that woman ,and stop the fight so that you may not lose your life, some women are too dangerous and can do anything to get themselves liberated as long as she has make up her mind because so many of them got blind mind and very dark heart, some are gold diggers who will like to inherits the sufferings of a man, if she want to divorce, let her go, mark my words, she will regret in tears, but then it will be too late…too late, for the pastor, well God will judge every person, but especially those who called themselves Man Of God.

To Chris Okotie, I am one of your numerous fans in Music, In fact, you move me into music because of your good and intelligent lyrics and beautiful voice those days, if the story is true, please try to save the marriage, God will add more prosperity and longer life to you

[By James, a fan of Emeka Ike & Chris Okotie]