Fathia Balogun Regrets Divorce, Says Saidi Is Still Her Husband, Denies Romance With Corporate Pictures Boss

fathia balogun divorce

June 1st, 2015 – Fathia Balogun Regrets Divorce, Says Saidi Is Still Her Husband, Denies Romance With Corporate Pictures Boss Abdullahi Rasaq

Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun has finally spoken about her divorce. In this recent chat with City People, the beautiful Edo-born actress talked about her relationship with her estranged hubby, Saidi Balogun.

See interview excerpts below:

What’s your relationship with Saidi Balogun currently?

He is my friend, my kids father and also my mentor. He taught me so much, and he is going to remain my best friend.

Why do you still bear his name?

Why should i drop the name? I have 2 beautiful kids, khalid and Aliyah Balogun, so tell me why i need to drop Balogun.

How would you best describe yourself?          

I am a very shy person so, sometimes when i am outside, i dont want to talk to people, this is because am very shy. Though am into movies, but am very shy.

Lot of stories emanated that you actually had a relationship with the owner of corporate pictures, how true is that?

I dont have any relationship with corporate pictures except that i work for him. I work for corporate pictures.

He exclusively produces all your movies, why?

Yes. My first movie was produced by him and he still producing my movies and he would remain my marketer. When you have a business relationship and he he is doing you well, i see no reason why i should leave him because everyone is saying that i am dating him. We have no other relationship than being business partners and that is it basically.

What actually led to the break – up?

I dont want to talk about my relationship with my children’s father.it’s a thing of the past, like i said earlier saidi and I are best friends and it’s going to be like that.

Were you actually divorced?

Nothing happened between us

Is Fathia Balogun still married?

Yes i am married

To who?

Saidi Balogun

There have been a story making waves that Saidi Balogun told you to drop his name, what’s your take on that?

I can say that he would never say that i should drop his name.

We gathered that Saidi Balogun is now married, are you aware of his marriage?

I dont think so, am just hearing it for the first time. But Saidi is a muslim, he can decide to marry 4 or 20 wives but i still remain his first wife.they all can come in, it doesn’t matter.

In an interview we had with him about his marriage, he did not refute it.

He is a guy?

Who has been responsible for the upkeep of your kids?

I am a very hard working woman, i have my career, so i am in charge of my kids and Saidi Balogun is also in charge.

Most people feel without Saidi Balogun, there is no Fathia Balogun, what’s your take on that?

Its a basic thing that a man would build a woman and a woman would a man. So, if they feel so, I don’t care what people say. He taught me so much in the film aspect and i will always respect him for that, but i dont think thats an issue.

What’s the most painful thing that has happened to you in the past few years?

I would say the most painful thing is being separated from Saidi Balogun and I feel sometimes its just destiny sometimes. You are not lucky to have what you want. If God says no, no one can say yes. I think in the past few years, that has been my most painful memory. But i am actually outgrowing it. The press didn’t help me and that alone killed me.

What is the difference between the then Fathia and the present Fathia?

Yes, i have actually learnt so much. Without anybody telling me this, i am a different fathia now, am more calm now.