Femi Adebayo Confesses: My Wife Divorced Me & Remarried, I’m Taking A Brand New Wife Soon

femi adebayo new wife

June 9, 2015 – Femi Adebayo Confesses: My Wife Divorced Me & Remarried, I’m Marrying A Brand New Wife Soon

Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo has responded to report of his upcoming wedding ceremony.

In an exclusive chat with Encomium, the father of three said his wife divorced him in Ilorin after 2 years of separation.

Mr Adebayo who said his children’s mother divorced him because she doesn’t support his acting career has promised to marry a brand new wife soon.

See interview excerpts:

You said your marriage crashed 7 year ago, why have you been silent about it till now?

Well, the marriage should be a thing to me actually, I have a right to my privacy and if I have issues with my wife, it is not ideal to go to public to broadcast it. There are several marriages either from celebrities or non-celebrity that have gone down the drain. So, mine is not an exception and marriage is a contract which you can breach anytime if one party is no longer comfortable with the condition of the contract. I see it as a personal problem that I have been managing for long and I see no reason why I should be going around to talk about it in public.

What effort did you put to settle it amicably?

Several efforts have been made but I believe so much that it has been destined that, that is how it will go. It has been destined that it is going to go down the drain, sincerely, the major reason for the separation has to do with destiny because the 2 parties involved are not truly at fault. It is just the matter of understanding which we were unable to understand ourselves. While I was in school, I met her and she made it clear that she was not going to marry an actor but I told her that I won’t go deep into acting, I will do a little acting and pay much attention to law. When we got married, acting was paying my bills than law and I tried to let her understand but she wasn’t happy about it. The major reason we started having issues with the marriage was the fact that I went deep into acting while I promised her I will do more of law than acting. She can’t stand or marry me again being an actor. I tried all efforts to stop her from walking out of the marriage but it proved abortive.

What was her reaction when you told her acting pays your bills more than law?

She gave the normal reaction of a woman, she doesn’t like the profession really, but she has the right to leave because the truth is that, that wasn’t my promise, not knowing what God has ordained for me. And that’s why I said I can’t blame her and I can’t blame myself because destiny made us go our separate ways that is just it.

Why is she is not interested in acting?

That should be for her personal reasons. I don’t actually know what is behind it. It may be based on religion because she is a Muslim and the profession is somewhat against Islam which I don’t see that way, but she sincerely got her own reasons.

Where efforts of reconciliation made from both families?

Yes. But no matter the efforts made, the parties involved matters and I think it has to do with both of us, not really the families.

She is not interested in acting but she had 3 kids for you, how come?

We were lucky when we got married because God blessed the marriage so quickly. We were trying to say okay let’s see if I can leave acting for something else, I tried my hands on so many things which wasn’t really forthcoming, so it was in the process that God blessed us with the kids.

Rumour has it that your marriage started having issues after your alleged romance with actress Funke Akindele.

I think I have just cleared the air on that. Funke had nothing to do with my marriage crash, the major reason my marriage broke up was the fact that my ex-wife didn’t like my profession.

Who was the first person to seek divorce in court?

After 2 years of separation, I think she couldn’t take it any longer and she filed the divorce about 4 years ago. She filed it at Area court in Ilorin where the marriage was celebrated. The marriage was dissolved and we had agreement on how to take care of the babies, how to have access to them and all that. She has the custody of the children and under the principle of Islam which our marriage was celebrated, she should have custody of the children.

Do you see your kids?

Yes. Virtually all their last holidays were spent with me. I have access to them.

Do you miss her?

Whatever I miss about her should be personal. I am not missing her anymore. I need to be careful about what I say because she now belongs to another man.

She left to marry another man; do you know much about the new marriage?

I don’t really know anything about that. I just know that she remarried. I sent her a message to congratulate her on the new union. I don’t think I should be interested in who she is married to, if our marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work with another man.

How well have you coped as a divorcee?

I have been doing that for the past seven years now. It’s not new to me, but the belief is that being married shows responsibility and that is why I am going to take another wife. Not really a second wife but a brand new one.