FG Orders Evacuation Of Nigerians In Syria; Nigeria Likely To Support Military Action

nigerians in syria

Sept 4, 2013 – FG Orders Evacuation Of Nigerians In Syria “Nigeria Likely To Support Military Action Against Syria” – Foreign Affair Minister

On Monday Sept 2nd, 2013, the Nigerian Federal government has ordered the immediate evacuation of Nigerian citizens in Syria following a series of chemical weapon attacks in the crisis-ridden country.

This was made known by Martin Uhoimoibhi, the PM of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ambassador told newsmen on Monday in Abuja after a training for mid-level Swiss diplomats.

Martin said the Federal Government has ordered embassy staffs to ensure the safety of Nigerians in Syria in case of any military action by the US & it’s allies.

“We have asked our embassy to arrange for Nigerians to have a safe passage. In fact, this has been on for years. We do not have many Nigerians there any more. The embassy had since relocated a large chunk of its staff and only a very small number is left. This has been on for, at least, two years. So everyone is ready for the situation as it evolves.” – Uhoimoibhi told reporters

On whether Nigeria will support military action by the US, he said: “Why ask me the position of the Nigerian military? That is not mine to determine. We are very proud members of the United Nations (UN) and I am sure Nigeria’s action will be determined by the UN.”