Free Money Give Away Is Unethical, Fan Blasts NG

free money giveaway nigeria

Jan 12, 2015 – NJ Fan Moves Against Money Giveaway, Says It Is Unethical

A fan identified as Korede just dropped us a quick email in response a giveway we posted few hours ago (See it at first give away).

Content of the email Korede sent less than an hour ago:

“Please don’t lower your standard, the fact that others are doing this does not make it morally ok. I think giving away free money is an insult to some of us. Many people will because of this go and open different banks accounts and make it a full time job. I don’t see any reason for this. I saw your site last year around August and I got glued to it, I visit at least 3 times daily. Don’t copy what others are doing now, invent something better and don’t do giveaways. Occasional giveaways on birthdays or festive period is still acceptable but weekly no.”

Note: Winners of our giveaway will receive an email today.

Is giveaway really unethical? What do you think, we wanna hear from you.